International Church Support

Sunshine has always had a close relationship with various churches and Christian organisations, including a number of Christian schools.

Since 2000 when Sunshine began, it has largely been the support of these groups which has enabled Sunshine to reach out to hundreds of Cambodian children and families living in extreme poverty. The prayer, practical support and funding that Sunshine has received, has made a huge difference to so many. This partnership continues to be vital if we want to see many more children and families move from despair to hope and be given the opportunity to build better, brighter futures.

What can your church or school do to help Sunshine?

- Stay informed and pray
- Invite a visiting speaker to update you on the work
- Hold fundraising events like cake-stalls, concerts, book exchanges, sponsored fun runs etc
- Visit - a small team or group can visit Cambodia to learn more about the work and maybe lend a helping hand with activities for the children

This practical assistance and prayer is very much appreciated by Sunshine staff as well as the children and families themselves.

Local Church

Sunshine families and children attend a variety of local churches around our four project areas.

All members of our staff team are motivated by the life and love of Jesus, to serve and show practical love and support within the Sunshine community.

Children's Clubs

Any holistic program is concerned with the spiritual development of its beneficiaries, and this is an extremely important aspect of Sunshine's work. Before each morning and afternoon session of the children's clubs, there is a time for singing, sharing, teaching and praying, led by the Sunshine staff.

Whilst we do welcome donations and giving towards the Spiritual Development program, any donations in this area are not tax-deductible. (Please note that all spiritual development activities are not a part of the Global Development Group approved aid and development project J529N).

Thank You

To all who pray, give and partner with us in showing compassion...a heartfelt THANK YOU!

If your church or organisation is interested in supporting Sunshine's programs, we invite you to get in touch with us.

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Tips for Volunteers

Updated: October 2012

What to pack?

Accommodation in Phnom Penh

Food in Phnom Penh


Airport/Hotel Pick-ups

Safety Against Theft

Telephone and Internet

Medical Care

Tips courtesy of River Kids Project. See also Canby Publications for more travellers information for Cambodia.