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Sunshine welcomes volunteers who have a specific skill which will support and enhance our program. The longer you can stay, the better, and we recommend 3-6 months as a minimum. It takes that long just to settle in and get to know the children.

Volunteers should uphold and respect the Christian ethos and values of Sunshine, as well as support our vision and philosophy.

All our staff are Cambodian and most of our work is conducted in Khmer. The children and families will have little or no English. A willingness to learn basic Khmer is appreciated. For those wishing to run activities in the children's clubs, an ability to control groups of lively youngsters is highly desirable! Primarily we are looking for volunteers with either an educational or community development background. Specific skills we are looking for:

  • ESL/EFL teachers, particularly those who are TESOL trained, and speak English as a first language. Please note that the Cambodian school year runs from October to July and the clubs are run only two days per week during that time.
  • Anyone with community development experience relating to families.
  • Anyone with media/communications experience to film short video clips and/or help update the website.


Enquiries should be made through our contact form.

All volunteers must provide a CV, two character references, and police clearance check. They are also responsible for organizing and paying for their own travel, full insurance (including medical evacuation in case of severe illness or accident), accommodation and meals. Sunshine staff are happy to provide information and assistance where required.

We look forward to welcoming you!
Sunshine Cambodia has strict policies in place to protect the children in our programs. All volunteers are expected to adhere to these policies at all times.
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Useful local info for any potential volunteers.

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Tips for Volunteers

Updated: November 2015

What to pack?

Accommodation in Phnom Penh

Food in Phnom Penh


Airport/Hotel Pick-ups

Safety Against Theft

Telephone and Internet

Medical Care

Tips courtesy of River Kids Project. See also Canby Publications for more travellers information for Cambodia.