Why does Sunshine Cambodia exist? Is there any need for work like this in Cambodia? The answer lies in a mix of interwoven factors. Some of the key ones are listed below. Click any of the issues to find more detailed information about each one.

Child Labour and Child Trafficking Abuses

Human trafficking is the fastest growing criminal industry affecting every nation in the world today. Cambodia is a sending, receiving and transit country for trafficking, most often for the purpose of commercial sex, begging, domestic work, fishing, construction and adoption. Victims of sex trafficking are sometimes tricked into believing that they are being recruited to work as domestic staff or waitresses.

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Cambodia remains one of the poorest countries in the world. It is ranked 153 out of 194 countries according to the CIA World Factbook. Despite recent socio-economic progress, 31% of Cambodians still live under the national poverty line and more than half of these Cambodians are food insecure.

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Lack of Educational Opportunity

Although theoretically free, education in Cambodia involves many costs - uniforms, study materials, teacher fees, lesson handout fees, exam fees etc. These costs make education inaccessible to poor families. Parents frequently struggle just to provide food for their children - education is a luxury they simply cannot afford. Sunshine Cambodia works to make public education accessible to poor families.

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