Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a Sunshine Child for just $42 per month or $500 per annum. That's just over a dollar per day - a small amount in Western terms, but for these children it is life changing. It gives them an opportunity to escape the poverty they were born into and hope for the future.

Sponsor a Child

Clicking the link will take you to the GDG website, where you will be able to choose a monthly sponsorship amount after a short sign-up process.


  • Food subsidy paid to parents (mostly mothers) to enable families to provide adequate nutrition for their children
  • School uniforms, books, stationery and fees - making public schooling accessible
  • Access to tuition classes run in the community
  • English scholarships* for top students
  • High School scholarships* for top students
  • Weekly clubs (games, music, art & craft etc.)
  • Access to library books and toys
  • Vocational training for school leavers
  • Special day trips, Christmas celebrations and Khmer New Year festivities
  • Basic medical and dental care
  • Anti-trafficking education and awareness of child rights and abuses
  • A strong pastoral care programme with counselling referrals
  • A safe, supportive and encouraging environment where children can thrive
  • *at privately-run Cambodian schools
  • Sponsor a Child
Can I Sponsor a Specific Child?

Sunshine's sponsorship programme is a little different to some others, in that it is non-specific.

Sponsorship schemes with photos, individual reports and letter exchange involve significant administration costs. Rather than paying translators and administrators for this kind of scheme, we prefer to spend the money directly assisting more children and their families.

Another reason why we favour this approach is because specific sponsorship can create unhealthy dependencies and feelings of rejection in those children who are without a specific sponsor. A slightly less photogenic child may be left with the sadness of regularly seeing other children receive letters and "treats" and wonder why they have never been selected for sponsorship.

This scheme allows sponsors to partner in the long term development of a whole community of children and to celebrate the joys and successes of many individual children along the way. Sunshine sponsors of course are very welcome to come and visit all the children at the Centre and we will keep you informed of their overall progress with a quarterly email update.

Your support will create an ongoing legacy for children and families in Cambodia.

Project Governance

Sunshine Cambodia is proud to partner with Global Development Group, who takes ownership of the project according to DFAT rules, providing a governance role and assisting in the areas of planning, monitoring, evaluating and auditing to ensure that the projects are carried out to Australian requirements. Tax deductible receipts for gifts over $2 to this preferred approved aid and development project will be issued by Global Development Group for project J529N. If fund raised exceed the requirements for this project, the funds may be directed to a similar project. No non-development activities (evangelistic, political or welfare) are a part of or are funded by the GDG aid and development project.

For more information about Global Development Group, visit the GDG website.

For more information or to receive our quarterly email updates, please contact us.

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